I'm a creative web designer that specialises in creating high-quality modern websites that achieve the goals that your business sets out to do. Since studying at college, I've been interested in building websites, having worked with a local non-profit organisation to create a platform for them to communicate with the community to keep them updated and informed of their progress in a project.

Following the completion of my qualification at college, the thought of building websites for local businesses never went away. My passion was prominent when I discovered local businesses websites having strong potential and plenty of room for improvement. As a result, I focused on building a skill set that allowed me to custom build such websites to give a business the best online presence they could have. I would improve their business but enable them to focus on running and improving it.

Hi! I'm Chris

In my free time, I enjoy reading Sci-Fi and adventure books. I can't get enough of escaping to Middle Earth or the far reaches of The Solar System in the Canterbury. I also enjoy diving into many different video games, be it a challenging roguelike or a big open world of adventures.

I also enjoy getting outdoors when I can, be it a long walk, run or hiking up Tryfan in Wales! I recently took up hiking in the last year to push me out of my comfort zone and start camping too. It's been a great adventure so far and a massive challenge for me.

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